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The most powerful watercraft

The SEABOB F5 SR is the most powerful watercraft in the SEABOB F5 series. Its driving performance is unique. With 745 newtons, the SEABOB F5 SR’s E-Jet Power System produces a strong propulsive force. This engine power is controlled in 7 power levels. Cruise through the water at a relaxed pace in a low gear. In the higher gears, experience and feel the F5 SR’s impressive propulsion through the water. In addition to its strong engine power, the SEABOB F5 SR offers high-quality special equipment.
On the Seabob F5SR any of the special colours, bright colours, bicolour, big label design, chrome package and Seabob cam come as standard with this craft.

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Includes: Seabob F5 SR

Additional information

Seabob Basic colours

Basic Orange, Basic Red, Basic Yellow, None

Seabob Special Colours

Ixon Red + £524, Platin Silver Metallic + £524, Star White + £524, none

Seabob Bright Colours

Lumex Orange + £589, Lumex Yellow + £589, None

Seabob Bicolour

Anthracite-Green + £742, Anthracite-Lumex Orange + £742, None

Seabob Big Label Design

Red-White + £524, None

Seabob Chrome Package

Matt chrome design + £398, None


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