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Landau UK are able to offer the Efoy Comfort range providing you with 365 days of freedom away from the grid.

The fully automatic, silent power supplier works anywhere, in all weather conditions and in any season.The Efoy Comfort charges the on-board battery fully automatically. The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the charge level of the 12 V battery. If necessary, the Efoy Comfort starts automatically and switches off again once the battery is charged. This gives you more than permanently fully charged power reserves. Your batteries will also last a lot longer because constant recharging protects them against a damaging exhaustive discharge. With an inverter, you can also operate 230 V devices. The Efoy Comfort produces electricity using the fuel in the fuel cartridge, adding oxygen from the air. In addition to the electricity, it only produces waste heat and water vapor containing an insignificant amount of carbon dioxide.

We are able to supply and fit or just supply the Efoy Comfort 80, 140 or 210. Click on ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Request a Quote’ to find out more.


A standard of workmanship and service so high the marine industry was the last place I would have expected to find it
P Kemp