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With its patented E-jet power system the dive scooter is provided with high performance jet propulsion. Operators are able to control the system via 10 power levels and can alternate between slow or high speed manoeuvres through the water.

The diving scooter is very capable of transporting two people underwater over great distances and with its specially developed harness system the operator can easily control the enormous thrust of over 70kg.


The mechanism used is a high-torque synchronized drive unit featuring a microprocessor-controlled 3-phase sinus power management system. Using cutting edge technology, this motor develops the ideal amount of torque with extraordinary efficiency. The uncompromising use of quality components and special high-grade coatings has made this motor extremely robust and completely maintenance-free. During an endurance test over 10,000 hours of operation at full load, the drive mechanism demonstrated absolutely no breakdowns or reduction in performance.


The energy for the E-jet power system comes from exceptionally efficient High Energy Li-Ion accumulators. These large and special high-performance accumulators form a high-quality component in the overall propulsion concept of the BLACK SHADOW. Li-Ion is a pioneering technology and a product of space research. These specially developed long lasting accumulators with a life cycle of approx. 18 years are presently used to power earth-orbiting satellites. After being charged 2,000 times, the High-Energy Li-Ion accumulator cells demonstrated no significant reduction in performance and no memory effect.

The Rotinor Black Shadow is currently distributed from our Swanwick Office for delivery throughout the UK.  Contact us on +44 (0)1489 577 588.


Thank you for your work on our Protector RIB, I was very pleased with the general standard of work
M Pepper