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Landau UK has its origins in the fitting of electronics and electrical components with full membership of the British Marine Electronics Association. As such, we consider our expertise in marine electronices to be amongst the highest, taking our installations to those standards expected by the BMEA and beyond. We strive to ensure the equipment we fit is not just ‘in and working’ but also check that the interfacing to other equipment is as it should be, enabling the customer to use and enjoy his/her equipment to its fullest potential.


Attention to details

Our installations are carried out with full empathy to the boat. We aim to make the installation look as if it is not retro fitted but is in fact part of the boats original equipment.

We carefully match the cabling, breakers, labelling and panelling (if required) to the boats existing system, complimenting the boat aesthetically as well as practically.

As part of Landau UK’s long standing relationship within the marine industry we can supply our customers with all types of electronics at exceptionally competitive rates.


Please call us on +44 (0)1489 577588 for pricing on any boating equipment you require.


Thank you all very much for your excellent service
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