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TracPhone V3, the smallest VSAT antenna is designed for you to be associated with your connected life on-board. KVH’s compact 14.5 Dome TracPhone V3 and mini VSAT broadband network gives you streamlined performance. Now enjoy full network access with no.1 VSAT service. ArcLight spread spectrum technology provides affordable airtime service. It is an ideal solution for replacing the older satellite devices which provide lagging performance. TracPhone V3 antenna system allows the data to the hub at any time without any delay. This technology optimizes the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which provides crystal clear voice quality at sea.

KVH provides high-quality hardware which is designed for completing missions while dealing with disasters, emergency and other activities. It provides outstanding data rates as fast as 2 Mbps. Now offer great convenience to your crew and staff with the latest technology from KVH. TracPhone V3 and VSAT broadband network offers lighting speed of internet and clear voice quality over phone. Make sure your vessel has advanced communication solutions for staying connected to your world. With such reliable broadband connectivity at sea, you are assured for a wonderful journey


Landau UK brings to you a versatile solution to stay in touch with your close ones through phone, internet and e-mail while enjoying your time at sea. TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband service allows your marine time to be more productive. Now receive and send e-mail, easily connect to networks and make crystal clear calls using this cost effective technology. Moreover, with picocell and additional voice line technology, you can use your mobile devices anywhere within the broadband network area. Users can take benefit of KVH’s optional accessory – the UCH-250 Fax Server for enterprise-grade fax solution. In addition to this, you also get free access to KVH’s Velocity Acceleration software. If there arises a need, you can always switch between TracPhone satellite communications systems. You can enjoy the benefits of both the mini-VSAT Broadband and Inmarsat services which are ideal for heavy data usage. ArcLight spread spectrum technology has been used to design TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband. Its 85% compact in volume and 75% lighter than other VSAT solutions. It delivers data rates as fast as 2 Mbps for shore-to-ship uploads and 512kbps for ship-to-shore uploads. With fast installation and less costing, these solutions are designed to bring broadband onboard.


Thank you for your work on our Protector RIB, I was very pleased with the general standard of work
M Pepper