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Whether to help find your way, identify the position of other boats, or even retrieve a man overboard, when it’s pitch black outside Argus thermal imaging monoculars and cameras can be absolutely invaluable.

Designed primarily to help see objects and people in the dark, these thermal imagers can also sometimes spot a man-overboard in broad daylight better than the naked eye.

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Argus PArgus_P Type Type

The Argus P Type  monocular thermal camera has been specifically designed to help marine personnel detect the heat signatures of people and vessels.  The P Type allows you to identify, observe and monitor objects and waters in zero visibility conditions,  clearly identifying objects over 1 mile away in total darkness. The P Type has been designed to offer maximum versatility in any marine situation. The P-Type is a vital piece of search and rescue equipment.

The lens simply attaches to the front of the camera on a bayonet fitting; the camera has a quick release push button to release the lens.

Argus TT Type cameraArgus TT Type

The Argus TT Type  thermal camera has been specifically designed to help marine personnel detect the heat signatures of people and vessels whilst on deck or on the waters.  The TT Type allows you to identify, observe and search for objects and missing persons in zero visibility conditions and the light of day to aid in man overboard situations. The TT Type combines the classic torchlight with the latest in infrared technology to be the ultimate portable thermal imaging camera for marine personnel.

Marine Colour Modes

The Marine Colour Modes Upgrade enables your Argus thermal imaging camera with 7 extra colour modes specific to Marine purposes, allowing the camera to adapt to different situations and environments by highlighting different temperatures readings in different ways at the benefit of the user.


These include:

  • Marine Search 
  • Man Overboard 
  • High Contrast 
  • Night Vision Red WH 
  • Night Vision Red BH 
  • Night Vision Green WH 
  • Night Vision Green BH

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