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Message from CEO of Landau UK Ben Metcalfe

Well what a week, every crisis plan I have made I have changed 4 hours later based on new information. I think it is fair to say we all find ourselves in unchartered waters and COVID-19 is bringing a change to the UK which the effects of will be felt for a long time after the virus has run its course.

Currently, Landau has a five-stage plan in place which allows us to stay open unless directed otherwise and we are currently in stage 2 of that plan.  Within stage 2 we are looking to retain offering our service, uninterrupted, to our customers whilst protecting our staff and creating a policy whereby we can continue to work safely.  As an engineering and service company sending people to work from home is not really a valid option as the types of the vessel we work on are not things that fit in most people’s gardens, let alone the equipment and tools required!   So we have divided Landau into two teams; Team A and Team B.  These teams split our specialist skills and each team has the ability to ensure Landau as a company can still operate, all be it on a reduced staff basis.

Team A will be working from the office and Team B will be working from home and offering support remotely to team A and to our customers.  This way all of Landau staff will be limited from contracting the virus yet we stay open for business.  Should anyone in any team show symptoms or become ill the whole team will then self-isolate, but still allow the company to be run by the backup team after a deep clean of the office. This way we have reduced chance of infection protecting our staff and have also ensured we are able to continue to serve our customers and existing contracts meaning we can continue to support all our customer and employees alike through these turbulent times.

Landau is also looking to support our customers both private, trade and commercial by offering assistance through either free vessel checks, in areas we are working, where our customers can not self check their vessel or credit terms on any dockside maintenance until your vessel is able to be used again. We are taking the approach that by all of us working together we get through this and recognising that this is affecting each and every one of us both personally and commercially and if Landau can help we will.

For more details on how we are trying to help owners and companies and take some of the stress away, please follow this link www.landauuk.com/latestnews   As we come up with ideas to help we will keep updating this page.

Our Directors are also rotating the divert on our 24-hour emergency number 0800 2461767 and so you can get in touch with one of the Directors literally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any assistance we will be able to offer to you.

In the meantime, I would like to offer my best wishes for you and your business’s through this challenging time and if you wish to contact me I can be reached on my mobile 07973 668539 or by email ben@landauuk.com




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