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A kill cord you’ll never forget

Lifecord is a newly designed kill cord providing the certainty and reliability of a tethered connection between a boat’s engine ignition kill switch and pilot, ensuring the vessel’s engine stops should the pilot be inadvertently thrown from the helm. However, unlike the typical passive kill cords commonly seen, Lifecord is a ‘smart’ kill cord incorporating detection technology designed to trigger an audible and visual warning alarm should Lifecord be connected to the boat’s kill switch but not the pilot, similar to the seatbelt warning in your car.

Lifecord’s uniquely designed Key and Clasp connector is comfortable to wear and can be operated easily even while wearing gloves. It also offers a secondary method of pilot connection using an ergonomically designed Lifejacket Key which can be permanently fitted to lifejackets. Pilot change and reconnecting Lifecord couldn’t be easier or safer.

Lifecord ensures that should a pilot leave the helm when the boat’s engine is ticking over in neutral, they are reminded to reconnect the cord when they return, also ensuring a pilot change results in the new pilot being reminded to connect. It alerts the skipper and other crew members alike, should the pilot not have connected the cord.

Lifecord detects whether or not it’s being worn. Should for any reason it become inadvertently looped back on itself with the Clasp and Key connected but without being worn round the user’s leg, if it’s connected to the vessel’s kill switch it will alarm.

Lifecord is designed & manufactured in Great Britain and is available  from Lifecord’s UK distributor – Landau UK.

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Many thanks! You guy’s have worked extremely hard in difficult circumstances and completed a first class job! We will be very happy to provide any testimonial you want! Hopefully we may win some races too, which will be great PR for us all
P Glenister