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Biocide Free Fouling Release System

A new dimension to antifouling

Following many seasons of repetitive antifouling and a welcoming home for fouling organisms such as seaweed and barnacles to attach firmly to the boat’s hull, it was evident a new antifouling solution was required.

The client approached Landau UK to look into this and recommend a more advanced solution.

2 - Tiecoat A     2 - Tiecoat E     2 - Tiecoat B     4 - Free Foul Release Paint B

Faced with a large build-up of marine life, from barnacles to muscles and seaweed to sea squirts, the client was challenged with an ongoing cleaning requirement of their boat’s hull, as well as a continuous concern on the boat’s performance and fuel efficiency.

On review of the boat’s current challenges, it was recommended that a Hempel Fouling Release System application would solve the problem.

The biocide free product based on silicone and hydrogel, gives the coating surface water-like properties, making it difficult for fouling organisms to attach to the hull and easy for them to be removed when the boat is in motion.

This revolutionary paint introduces a new dimension to boating. Hempel’s Silic One.

  • A biocide free paint/method to prevent fouling
  • Non-stick paint
  • Copper free


“This new Hempel Fouling Release Technology has added a new dimension to Landau UK’s product offering. Seasonal conventional antifoulings are under pressure due to legislation, which has opened up a new requirement for our customers and we’ve already noticed a number of savings too.” Sarah Tayler, Marketing & PR Manager, Landau UK

“We love the fact that at faster speeds the self-cleaning is most effective, but even lower speed self-cleaning has been possible too! A great investment Landau UK. Thanks for the product recommendation” Boat Owner of Fino, Swanwick Marina

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