Dockyard Magazine MLS Article 271115Originally tested in the haulage and plant industry and now well received into the marine industry in 2013 by commercial boat builders, Landau UK is proud to be showcasing the latest Fuel Purification System, a great addition to a Fisherman’s vessel.

The MLS Fuel Purifier is designed to remove both water and solid particulates from even the dirtiest, most contaminated fuel, prolonging an engine’s life.

Engine benefits:

  • Avoid fuel/water related breakdowns.
  • Maintain exhaust emission standards.
  • Extend engine rebuild and life.
  • Remove solid/semi solid contaminants such as dirt, rust and sludge.

Major environmental benefits:

  • Cleaner engine combustion.
  • Save on paper consumables as the Fuel Purifier is filter-less.
  • Significantly extend the life of the standard fuel filter.
  • Fewer unscheduled repairs and calls outs.

MLS Fuel Purifier

Installed between the fuel tank and the primary fuel filter/water separator, the MLS Fuel Purifier acts as the first line of defence by removing water, dirt, sludge and grit.

Landau UK are supplying the MLS fuel purifier to a number of commercial vessels from military and defence fleets to private individuals and the market is growing exponentially.

“Since the introduction of Bio Diesel, diesel fuel carries less sulphur and more water due to the manufacturing process, meaning from the pump there is more water in fuel at source. The advice to combat this would be to not store large amounts, but instead burn through it and turn it over regularly. This changes the theory of fuel management on boats, but in practice many owners have not adopted this. Hence fuel bug is becoming an epidemic and most boats storing fuel for periods longer than 3 months, especially in warm environments will have fuel bug to some degree or another. Not a problem in the early stages as the fuel filters cope with this, but when there is significant amounts, the filters soon become blocked, starving the engine of fuel and eventually cutting it out, or worse causing pump or injector damage. With this being the case, installing an MLS fuel purifier would be the best solution. They come with a 5 year warranty and are guaranteed to remove 99.9% of all water and 98.7% of all other contaminants, including fuel bug. They are relatively inexpensive and don’t require filter or cartridge replacements. Landau UK can’t recommend them enough. We ensure any plant equipment with large tanks or slow use of fuel has one fitted, because they do a great job!”

Ben Metcalfe, Managing Director,
Landau UK.

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